Briefing: understanding the impact of the Olympics

Author: pmalone

The imminent arrival of the Olympics in London is getting closer and closer, 15 days in fact! But what impact will the Olympics have on the UK and the continuing developments in hospitality.

Will the Olympics position London for future events, or will the legacy of the Games have little effect on the industry in London? These thoughts are discussed in this week’s briefing, including comment from:

  • Peter Malone, Managing Director of Madison Mayfair on how he believes that the initial positive impact will have little longer term effect.
  • Debrah Dhugga, Managing Director of Dukes Hotel on the plans needed for 2013 in London.
  • Joe Stenson, Director of Hotels for Queensway Group on the real impact from the Games being seen in 6 months time
  • And Colin Stanbridge, Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce on what opportunity there is for the future of London after being in the spotlight.

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