Briefing: using data intelligently

Author: pmalone

The proliferation of data has never been so prevalent. Information is being created like never before. Customer interaction in hospitality through technology and software has been used for some time. As these systems become more sophisticated, companies can in turn be much more targeted and personalised in the way they interact with their customers.

The problem in all industries isn’t so much getting the data, it is understanding the data and what it means for future decision-making. Experts believe that 80% of the data that is needed in contemporary decision-making now sits outside your business.

This week we hear from technologists, hoteliers and analysts on their perception of how this is impacting every business, including:

  • Simon Vincent, of Hilton Worldwide on his company using the data of a 30million strong loyal database of customers
  • Sean Worker, of BridgeStreet on the balance needed between technology and real experience.
  • Andrew Sangster, of Hotel Analyst on the lack of analysis the hospitality industry is doing on the vast data they create.
  • And Peter O’Connor, of the Essec Business School on how hospitality can be utlising the data more effectively.

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