Briefing: adopting big brand strategies

Author: pmalone

All hospitality companies strategise over where the next growth market is, where can I cut costs in the current business and how can I appeal to my consumer even more? But what do the big brands think and planning for the future?

In this briefing we hear from executives at Hilton Worldwide, InterContinental Hotel Group and Accor Hotels on where they believe the growth of their brands will be. Understanding what they believe the development pipeline is can help shape the trends we may see in the future of hospitality.

Experts this week include:

  • Robert Shepherd, SVP Development and Design – Europe of InterContinental Hotel Group on strategies for a multi-brand organisation.
  • Andrew Sangster, Editor at Hotel Analyst, on what strategies the big hotel brands are employing.
  • Simon Vincent, President of Hilton Worldwide for Europe on the expansion of the Hilton brand.
  • And Yann Caillere, President & COO of Accor Hotels on the hospitality market in general.

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