Briefing: hospitality being noticed by global Governments

Author: pmalone

One of the biggest problems hospitality has is demonstrating to the Government’s of the World the value the industry brings to their economies. Hospitality seems to continually fall off the radar when it comes to the key drivers of change and growth across the World.

With the work of Taleb Rifai at the UNWTO and David Scowsill of the WTTC the industry is beginning to put its head above the parapet and be noticed.

In this briefing we hear from:

  • Taleb Rifai on the UNWTO and the WTTC tackling Governments together.
  • David Scowsill of the WTTC on how much tourism generates for the global economy.
  • Ed Fuller, former MD at Marriott International on the need for Governments to help the industry.
  • And Sir Nigel Knowles, co-CEO of DLA Piper LLP on problems faced by Governments at the moment.

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