Briefing: the hotel industry in the UK

Author: pmalone

The hospitality industry in the UK is not a unique one. However, the gap between London and the rest of the country is seemingly getting larger. In fact the BBC reported this week that ‘London’s top ten boroughs alone are worth more, in real estate terms, than all the property of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, added together.’

Where is the future of the UK market? How has it been impacted by the continuing lack of deal-making? What hotel product will work well in this market? All questions raised and answered in this week’s briefing, with:

  • Chris Boulton, CEO of yoo on the UK polarisation
  • Joe Stenson, of Queensway Group and the growth in the budget sector
  • Peter Malone, Managing Director of Madison Mayfair on the UK fragmentation
  • And John Brennan, CEO of Jurys Inn Hotels on what he understands the UK market to be like

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