Briefing: African continent on the right track

Author: pmalone

Undersupply of hotel product in Africa is certainly prevalent, however the complex nature of a continent with so many different moving parts, makes harnessing the right opportunities difficult. Regional obstacles need to be overcome in order to fully unlock the hospitality potential, with governments and businesses working together to ensure key objectives are met.

New investment still broadly comes from the domestic market but big international investors and big brand hotels are now realising the inevitable opportunities created by a rising middle class. The prospects for the continent are discussed in this briefing, including videos from:

  • Roger Kacou, Minister for Tourism in Cote d’Ivoire on the continent being on the right track for inward investment
  • Chief Edem Duke, Minister for Tourism in Nigeria on the undersupply faced in Africa
  • Philippe Baretaud, SVP – Head of Development Europe, Middle East & Africa at ACCOR on the growth seen on the continent
  • And Trevor Ward, Managing Director of Hotel Partners Africa on the comprehensive case for investment

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