Briefing: the ‘big data’ minefield

Author: pmalone

The digital economy is producing unparalleled amounts of data, in part due to increased customer engagement through social media and online platforms. Simultaneously, the capability of technology and data management systems is progressing rapidly, allowing the vast silos  of data within the hotel industry to be put to good use.

This briefing looks at the process of analysing the hospitality industry using data and the issues that arise from increased access to valuable and sensitive information. Comment from:

  • Wolfgang Neumann, President & CEO of The Rezidor Hotel Group on managing customer data

  • Carlo Gagliardi, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers on why hotels must use big data wisely

  • Andrew Boshoff, Head of Strategy & Development at Global Hotel Alliance on creating smart, usable data.

  • Elizabeth Winkle, Managing Director of STR Global on crunching data for the hotel industry

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