Briefing: The recession has taught the industry about good deal making

Author: pmalone

There is optimism in the industry. Conferences are once again full of positive talk about growth and development. But while deals are flowing again, it is important not to take a growing economy for granted. So what should companies be thinking about when putting together deals? How has the industry adapted? What upsets might lie down the road?

In this briefing four experts discuss the post-recession environment. Comment from:

  • Clive Hillier, Chief Executive Officer, Vision Hospitality Asset Management on why deal-makers are avoiding risky gearing post-recession

  • David Fenton, Senior Economist, RBS on business never being easy

  • Gabriel Petersen, Managing Director, The Blackstone Group on Europe learning a valuable lesson from the economic downturn

  • Andrew Sangster, Editorial Director, hotelanalyst on the industry bouncing back and flushing out bad deals


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