Briefing: The distribution channels keep coming

Author: Guy Lean

In June, Ryanair announced its intention to enter into the world of accommodation. “Ryanair Rooms” is just the latest addition to the changing sphere of hospitality distribution. The company has 116m customers and this move from air travel to accommodation booking, again highlights the potential for any established brand to disrupt the industry. There is still much debate around where Airbnb, which has a “mission to change the way people travel”, could sit in the industry in the future.

In these videos, experts discuss developments in distribution and booking behaviour:

In April this year Airbnb launched an updated mobile app with a focus on personalisation that aims to match people to better hosts, neighbourhoods, and experiences. This product indicates Airbnb’s continued effort to use developing technology as an edge.

Ryanair Rooms will launch on the 1st October, and will provide a variety of low cost accommodation in the form of hotel rooms, hostels, B&Bs, holiday villas and homestays. Diversification is a common move from aspirational business in today’s business world. Ryanair sees this as a natural progression towards becoming the “Amazon of air travel”. Ryanair already has a hire car service which it launched last August.

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