Briefing: Global employers need to rethink recruitment

A new report from CEB has revealed that 1 in 5 new hires are “bad” or a “regretted decision”. Staff are of vital importance to the success of a business and the recruitment process can be an important factor in the way a new recruit behaves, according to the CEB SHL Global Assessment Trends Report, first published in November 2014. The report states that; ‘New hires who report a positive candidate experience apply 15% more discretionary effort and are 38% more likely to stay with the organisation.’

Does more attention need to be paid to recruitment in hospitality? Our experts give their insight:

Global employers are finding it difficult to find and keep talent. A survey by Towers Watson found that 65% of respondents were experiencing problems attracting ‘top performers’ and 64% had problems attracting ‘high-potential employees’. It also highlights that employee career development could be paid more attention as only, ‘27% say their organisations monitor the effectiveness of their career management programmes.’

According to the research base pay/salary, job security, and career advancement opportunities were the top three things mentioned by employees that attract them to new roles. However when business leaders were surveyed they only ranked job security 7th suggesting that there is a lack of recruitment understanding across employers.

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