Briefing: understanding the complexities of your business

Understanding the complexities of any business is paramount. This understanding is essential when the company grows, which of course is the ambition. Executives at the top of global organisations can now be clever with their use of proper and applicable technology.

New tools have made decision-making easier for CEOs of any organisation to manage their business from the palm of their hand. Whether they are on a development site in China, the head office in London, or on a business trip in Sydney.

Technology is continually becoming more developed and sophisticated. In this week’s briefing we hear from some experts with their thoughts on the subject.

Including comment from:

  • Gordon Drake, CFO of Kingdom Hotel Investments on measuring global financial performance.
  • Sean Worker, CEO of Bridgestreet, on his company’s decision-making framework
  • Sir Nigel Knowles, co-Global CEO of DLA Piper on how his global organisation maintain the flow of information.
  • And Andrew Sangster, of The Hotel Analyst, on forecasting your decision making.

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