Briefing: preparing leaders for new world of work

Today’s business leaders are seemingly battling with multiple decisions all at the same time. Leaders are managing ‘Generation Y’ as they enter the workforce, digital technologies requiring a business to be working 24/7, as well as trying to comprehend macro-economic conditions, to name but a few.

This altering world means leaders need to be prepared and multifaceted, and it doesn’t seem like the role of CEO, Chairman and Managing Director are going to get any easier. In this briefing we hear from leaders as well as hospitality experts on the changing dynamic they are seeing. Including:

  • Richard Branson on keeping tabs on everything and everyone.
  • Debrah Dhugga, General Manager of Dukes Hotel on preparing new leaders.
  • Peter Malone, Managing Director of Madison Mayfair on the multi-dimensional aspect of leaders
  • And Graeme Codrington, Futurist at TomorrowToday on changes in leading organisations in this new world

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