Briefing: the right business at the right price

The market for buying and selling businesses has inevitably slowed under global economic constraints. However, many believe the market for deals is coming back and those businesses that worked hard in the downturn will reap the rewards now.

Understanding what buyers of businesses want is integral in order to have a smooth, uneventful sale. This briefing gives insightful thinking about selling or buying other businesses as well as the dynamic change seen in light of the recession.

Interviewees include:

  • Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne Capital, about businesses, and individuals, leading the way out of a downturn.
  • Sara Daw, Managing Director of the FD Centre, on getting into the mindset of an acquirer.
  • And Steve Gilroy, CEO of Vistage UK, on businesses being acquired based on performance rather than because of the entrepreneur.
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