Briefing: staying connected to your customer

Author: pmalone

With the explosion of mobile technology across the globe, relationships with customers are no longer one-dimensional. Brands, corporations and businesses need to embrace new media capabilities to stay connected with their ever evolving consumer.

Online commenting, reviewing and criticism is now a 24 hours a day phenomenon, even for the small brands. Understanding the correct tools to use and how to manage this relatively new avenue is integral. Some brands are doing it brilliantly, but are there particular tricks and top tips to learn?

In this briefing we hear from:

  • Ewan Cameron, CEO of Lonrho Hotels on staying connected to his customers
  • Joe Stenson, of Queensway Group on continually processing customer feedback for improved service
  • Peter O’Connor, of the Essec Business School, on which brands are using social media well
  • And James Chappell, Global Marketing Director of Horwath HTL, on the challenges with media immediacy

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