Briefing: How entrepreneurs are changing hospitality

Author: Guy Lean

Recent research shows that entrepreneurs are opportunity-motivated and innovative. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Entrepreneurial Employee Activity (EEA) is highest in the innovation-driven economies. Norway, Australia and the United Kingdom report the highest EEA rates, at 8% or more of their adult populations. Start-ups in the hospitality industry are demonstrating new and exciting ways of doing business.

In these videos experts discuss entrepreneurship and innovation:

Becoming an entrepreneur has become an increasingly common aspiration in recent years. Beyond simply finding a job to pay the bills, more people are seeking to find a worthwhile calling to dedicate their time to, and those that do are admired. 69% of entrepreneurs stated they chose to pursue an opportunity as a basis for their entrepreneurial motivations, rather than starting out of necessity.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 68% of working-age adults perceive high status for entrepreneurs in their societies. In the UK the percentage is even higher with 79.2% of people giving a high status to entrepreneurs, while 57.8% see entrepreneurship as a good career choice.

The 2015/16 Global Report from GEM results are based on data from 60 economies in the Adult Population Survey (APS) and 62 economies in the National Expert Survey (NES).

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