ESG and recruitment – the perfect match?

With COP26 having recently taken place in Glasgow, the topic of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is making its way up the list of priorities of many businesses.

Whilst there is no doubt that everyone has a personal responsibility to mitigate climate change, there is an added responsibility for companies to use their influence and in still a culture in their business to do the right thing. Whilst saving humanity as we know it is already reason enough, what other benefits could a comprehensive ESG strategy bring?

We are not experts in ESG, but we do specialise in people. And people, whether they are candidates or existing employees, recent graduates or experienced professionals, are demanding more transparency and a firm commitment to ESG from the companies that they work for or may choose to work for in the future.

“75% of people say they trust their employers to do what is right— more than government, media, or business. This trust is conditional on making things better, not just making better things.” (2019 Edelman Trust Barometer)

Whilst the world has changed dramatically since 2019, trust and integrity remain pillars of morality, especially in times of crisis. Candidates and employees may say that they trust their employers to do the right thing, but this is not uninformed, blind trust and it’s built up over time.

Millennials and Generation Z’s now make up about half of the global workforce and this is likely to grow to 75% by the end of the decade. These generations are looking to support and work for companies that share their values and inspire trust. These generations have grown up with technology at their fingerprints and will conduct comprehensive research of potential employers, stacking up the sustainability credentials and social values of the company they are interviewing. Yes, don’t forget that interviewees are also the interviewers.

So having a clear carbon reduction plan and clearly demonstrating your values are integral in attracting and retaining talent.

At HPG we work with both employers and the candidates to find perfect matches. We have long lasting relationships with our clients and candidates alike, supporting their recruitment efforts. More frequently, are seeing more and more candidates considering the ESG commitments of a business when considering their employment requirements.  We would encourage all businesses to ensure that their ESG-credentials are communicated, whether this is through social media, company website, job descriptions or all of the above.

If you would like to have a conversation about a people strategy for your business, or are looking to take the next step in your career, please let us know as we would love to have a chat.

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