Briefing: is hospitality harnessing online data?

The explosion of social networks in the past couple of years has opened new opportunities to engage with customers. People are quick to post comments, ask questions and write reviews. This trend is only going to continue.

Organisations cannot remain on top of everything that is going on, but they certainly need to be aware of what is being said. With numerous ‘listening’ tools in the market there is a need to be intelligent with online commenting as a business as well as getting a feel of what the market is saying about you.

But is hospitality doing enough in the digital world? This question is answered in this week’s briefing, including comment from:

  • Sean Worker, CEO of BridgeStreet on whether the industry is using the data intelligently.
  • Andrew Sangster, Editor of Hotel Analyst on applying the data to the consumer.
  • John Brennan, CEO of Jurys Inn Hotels on using data to target his customers.
  • And Peter O’Connor of the Essec Business School on the industry uptake of the new social technologies.

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