Briefing: impacts of digital technology on hospitality

In the modern world the way we receive information and the place we go for news, views and updates is through a connected device. Whether that be a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, digital technology is so engrained in life that we don’t even think about it.

As an industry inherently involved in relationships with people, it is imperative that we embrace instant communication and have a strong understanding of how all these tools fit together. In this briefing we hear from 4 experts on how it is affecting the world as they see it. Including:

  • Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor of CBS News on the increased exposure digital platforms can afford you
  • Patrick Fitzgibbon, SVP – Development, Europe & Africa of Hilton Worldwide on why embracing technology is integral for success
  • Taras Ettl, VP – Development, Middle East & Africa of InterContinental Hotels Group on how technology has impacted IHG
  • Andrew McLachlan, VP – Business Development, Africa & Indian Ocean Islands of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group on the communications revolution

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