Briefing: youth shaping the future of hospitality in the Middle East

The growing population of young people within the Middle East is formidable, both the domestic population and the increased immigration into the region. This new generation will become tomorrow’s CEOs and General Managers and they are wired differently to any generation the world has ever seen.

As this demographic increases there are enormous opportunities for the hospitality industry, not only for them to be potential customers but also as potential colleagues.

What needs to be done to encourage talent into the industry? How should the industry change to cater for new tastes? And how should leaders impart their experience and knowledge to educate this new workforce? We hear from experts aiming to answer these questions including:

  • Pascal Gauvin, COO – India, Middle East & Africa, InterContinental Hotels Group on the growth of the domestic market in the Middle East.
  • Badr Al Badr, CEO of Saudi Hotels & Resorts (SHARACO) on workforce conditions in Saudi Arabia.
  • Muhammad Al-Amir,  Founder & MD of Riyada International Hotels and Resorts on bringing the new generation into hospitality
  • Gabriel Matar, former Director – Middle East & Africa, Hotels & Hospitality Group, Jones Lang LaSalle on the young population’s demand for hotels.

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