Briefing: embracing new technology in hospitality

All industries have been digitally disrupted since the mainstream adoption of the Internet. There is no question that these new technologies have developed both communication and engagement facilitation like never before. Whether businesses want to target your consumer directly or make decisions via a mobile device on the go, the evolution of social & mobile technologies is truly global.

It has been suggested that hospitality has been behind many industries in its acceptance of technologies, yet it has some of the most defined and detailed data sets in the market. Communication between colleagues and customers has never been so easy but how should it be harnessed now that you have stakeholders worldwide?

Interviews in this briefing include:

  • Ed Fuller, former President & Managing Director of Marriott International on changes he has seen in a 40 year career.
  • Julie Meyer, Founder & CEO of Ariadne Capital on disruptive technologies now a part of everyday life.
  • Sir Nigel Knowles, joint CEO of DLA Piper on the multitude of new stakeholders businesses have.
  • And Graeme Codrington, Futurist at TomorrowToday on hospitality lagging when it comes to customer engagement

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