Briefing: the modern-day leader

Any leader of an organisation has to command with confidence and assertiveness. To pursue a company’s vision, mission and values. The most successful leaders become synonymous with their brand. Richard Branson is a fantastic example of a charismatic leader who fills his staff with the belief needed to fulfill the ambitions of the Virgin empire.

What can the hospitality leaders of today learn and how will they ensure the successful stewardship of their respective businesses?

In this week’s briefing we hear from industry experts, including:

  • Richard Branson on one of the reasons he has become so successful.
  • Peter Malone, Managing Director of Madison Mayfair, on the multidimensional personality leaders must now have.
  • Sir Nigel Knowles, co-CEO of DLA Piper, on leaders of today becoming closely associated with their brands and organisations.
  • And Debrah Dhugga, General Manager of Dukes Hotel, on preparing a new generation of hospitality leaders.

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